Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Hook & Alice.

This is coolbert:

To war with raccoon. For demining purposes only understand.

From the John Howell WLS radio talk show some items of interest to include:

"Ukrainian military now attempting to draft raccoons"

"The Ukrainian military is dealing with a lot right now . . . Hence, it stands to reason they’d be looking to some unorthodox parties for help, for instance: Raccoons."

". . . the Ukrainian military is hoping to train the furry bandits to sniff out mines planted by enemy forces . . .  'maybe we can teach it to carry out complicated military maneuvers that it takes dogs years to learn.'”

This might actually be Hook and Alice the couple? Note the forepaws. Like a human hand in some respects but not having [?] the opposing thumb. Nonetheless that paw is very dexterous. Raccoons can open locks?

"The army is reportedly waiting for Hook and Alice to have offspring, at which point they’ll attempt to train the baby raccoons to search for bombs and land mines . . . zoologists doubt the raccoon’s train-ability, 'describing the animal as curious, aggressive and cunning.'”

The American raccoon an introduced species to Europe. NOW a pest. Raccoons are very inquisitive, agile and adaptive, possess that forward-looking vision of the predator but are omnivorous, Also monogamous and able to raise large litters.

HOW train-able are these critters and how well can they be taught to locate mines I cannot say. That problem of demining quite acute and a world-wide problem.

Last time we had discussed the trained animal as a mine detector the critter in question was the Giant Gambian Rat. THEY WORK FOR PEANUTS AND PROLIFERATE IN NUMBERS QUICKLY, A LOSS OF SOME NOT REALLY A MATTER OF CONCERN.


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