Sunday, November 18, 2012

Social Media.

This is coolbert:

From that prior blog entry:

"A defining characteristic of 4GW being":

"Highly sophisticated psychological warfare, especially through media manipulation and lawfare"

Thanks to the tip from Aish and passed along to those devoted readers to the blog you too can follow the firing of Hamas Qassam and Fajr rockets on Israeli targets almost in REAL TIME.

From the web site as devoted to the Al Qassam rocket firing brigades and also Al Qassam brigade Twitter a blow-by-blow account of rocket firings aimed at Israeli targets.

Social media at work. 

 And ALL in English. NOT in Hebrew or Arabic but in ENGLISH. That audience the foreign English speaking person primarily in the United States.

This too! An exchange via social media between the two adversaries:

Fourth Generation Warfare [4GW] not only employing social media and a propaganda campaign a main component of the "war of the flea" almost as a means of combat unto itself, and when well done most effective.


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