Saturday, November 24, 2012


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From PopSci from over a year ago now, the U.S. Army now fielding and firing GPS guided precision mortar rounds. Right now as we speak these mortar rounds [called mortar bombs every else in the world] are being used in Afghan? FOB able to target the enemy with a precision hitherto not available. Brigade and battalion infantry commanders having a new toy at their disposal.

"Army Deploys First GPS-Guided Mortars"

This is APMI [Accelerated Precision Mortar Initiative cartridges] and the new rounds are reputed to be SEVEN TIMES more accurate than the conventional variety. One round, one shot, one hit! So we are told.

"New rounds are seven times more accurate"

A mortar round 120 mm with built-in guidance and steering fins. Remarkable technology from the micro-chip advancements that are spectacular.

American mortars and the mortar rounds as stated by the Soviet spetsnaz officer with service in Afghan [1980's] that ONLY infantry weapon SUPERIOR to the Russian designed analogous version.

Soviet and NOW Russian mortars and mortar rounds [bombs] made of cast iron and smooth bore, cheap and easy to build proliferate the battlefield firing a multitude of less accurate rounds [bombs] way in excess of the American analog. To the Soviet and NOW the Russian noise, smoke and dust in abundance combined with the unique and deadly splintering of the cast iron mortar round [bomb] more greatly desired than accuracy.

American mortars rifled and make of better alloys, not requiring constant lubrication and packing with rust-preventative grease when not in use as compared to the Soviet/Russian model!

The American way [accuracy] or the Russian way [numbers]? Take your pick!


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