Friday, November 23, 2012


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Thanks to Harry at Sharkhunters we have an update on the British submarine HMS Astute.


NOW a headache. Causing a lot of aggravation in the Admiralty, the Royal Navy, and I am sure the mind of the First Sea Lord. NOT a jolly good show.

"HMS Astute encountered a flooding problem during sea trials, the Ministry of Defence [MoD] have revealed. The sub was forced to surface last year after it let in tens of litres of water. Electrical switchboards were also found to have been incorrectly fitted and concerns were raised about the accuracy of nuclear-reactor monitoring instruments. The flooding was caused by a metal cap on a cooling pipe that had corroded. The metal cap had not been made of the correct material. The electrical switchboards had not been fitted to Naval Engineering Standards and had to be reinstalled. Inaccurate nuclear readings were because the wrong type of lead had been used in certain components. BAE Systems said HMS Astute is yet to start formal service."

HMS Ambush the second submarine a-building another Astute class I am sure the quality control and the engineering specs and more or less the entire works being reviewed with the proverbial fine tooth comb. With this much found to be wrong and the Astute in only the initial stages of service and not even deemed fully seaworthy, that First Sea Lord must asking: "what else will be found!"

Astute NOT YET ready for "formal service" combat ready sea duty.


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