Monday, September 10, 2012


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 From NewsMax today:

 More China and Japan - - the disputed islands uninhabited and uninhabitable Japanese intentions now unmistakable!

 These islands of course the sovereignty of which is a contentious issue - - Senkaku [Japan], Diaoyu [China], or Pinnacle [English]. Take your pick. China and Japan each claiming and the issue festering and NOW apparently not being solved by diplomacy and negotiation. This action by Japan somewhat unilateral.

 "Japan to Buy Disputed Islands, Angering China

 "serious consequences"

 "We hope there will be no misunderstandings,"

 "sit back and watch its territorial sovereignty violated."

 "it will bear all the serious consequences that follow,"

 Mere words now, a prelude to ACTION later! Such is historically the case.

 "TOKYO — Japan's government said Monday it has decided to purchase several disputed islands from their private owners. China reacted swiftly, warning Japan of 'serious consequences' if it proceeds with the plan." 

"Chief Cabinet Secretary Osamu Fujimura said Japan will buy the three uninhabited islands in the East China Sea from a Japanese family it recognizes as the owner."

"Fujimura said the decision to nationalize the islands reflects Japan's desire to create a 'stable and secure' environment, not to anger China."

"'We hope there will be no misunderstandings,' he [Fujimura] said."

There will be no misunderstandings. The Japanese have made themselves perfectly clear!!

 "China strongly urges Japan to immediately stop all action to undermine China's territorial sovereignty and return to a negotiated settlement to the dispute. If Japan insists on going its own way, it will bear all the serious consequences that follow,"

 WOW! The American government was consulted in advance about this? The U.S. and Japan have a mutual defense treaty. American military force is legally obligated by treaty to aid and assist the Japanese if the situation turns nasty and help is requested by Tokyo!

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