Sunday, December 12, 2010


This is coolbert:

From a comment to the blog by David:

"David said..."

"Our son just completed the final FTX PJ qual in Kirkland.
After two years of intense training he will graduate
as a PJ next week. As parents, we have seen the incredible journey
these brave men take to become part of this elite group.
His brother, a Marine pilot, will be with us to honor his
accomplishment and the others that will formally graduate
as a PJ. We are VERY proud parents."

This comment made in response to the original Pararescue Jumper [PJ] blog entry from some time ago now.

Congratulations are in order all around. Very much so. Completion of the PJ course is a major accomplishment. VERY MAJOR.

A course, the PJ training and qualification, most demanding in the extreme, ONLY THREE IN ONE HUNDRED PERSONS DESIRING TO BECOME A PJ ACTUALLY WINNING THE MAROON BERET! Within the Air Force only about one hundred seventy [170] slots actually exist for the PJ skill set, and only a portion of those slots filled at any given time!

The PJ, combining that exact proper and difficult to find combination of physical and mental abilities with a DESIRE TO EXCEL! Strenuous, again, combining the mental with the physical, the stress of training designed to "wash out" those with less than a strong will.

The PJ course having a lot of "filters" beyond which the less inspired and daring airman will not pass. To include:

* Parachute training.
* Mountain training.
* Winter survival.

All PJ grads too are placed on the civilian national registry of certified emergency medical technicians. PJ's can do just about all!

And do not think that training ends with the two year PJ course. NOW the newly graduated airman must train and learn further skills at the UNIT LEVEL. Function as part of a unit at the operational level.



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