Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Nuclear Attack.

This is coolbert:

Once again we are on the subject of Rana and Gilani. The gruesome two some. Terrorist operatives, SPIES, up to no good, acting on behalf of the LeT and Al Qaeda. Gilani [A/k/a David Coleman Headley] in particular very active, doing recce [reconnaissance] on Indian targets. Targets to include NUCLEAR FACILITIES and much more:

1. "Rana and Headley discussed possible attacks on a number of other sites in India: Somnath, a temple . . . Bollywood . . . the Indian film industry, and Shiv Sena, a political party with strains of Hindu nationalism...."

2. "David Headley [Gilani] Said to Have Helped Terrorists Target Nuclear Plant"

"Authorities Say Chicago Man Cased, Photographed Facility at Tombroy, India, that Produces Plutonium for Nuke Weapons"

The Indian facility that produces plutonium for nuclear weapons was seriously considered as a "possible" target.

"There have always been questions about India's nuclear security and because it's located on the water and not far from Mumbai, it would be a logical target,"

"You would have had one helluva international crisis if they had taken control of the facility and caused some kind of accident with a serious release of radioactive material,"

NO, NOT AN ACCIDENT! A deliberate release of large amounts of radioactive material of the most potent sort. Creating havoc on a widespread basis, and ON AN INTERNATIONAL SCALE!! I would have to think the release of plutonium from such a facility would be immense and extremely lethal, hard to clean up in the aftermath!


* The "temple" at Somnath has been the subject of a previous blog entry from a long time ago. 1,000 years ago that temple - - the city and fortress - - attacked and destroyed by Mahmud of Ghazni, the conqueror and annihilator of all things Hindu. LeT operatives seeking a target - - symbolic and propaganda value of which would be very great.

* Shiv Sena of course has as its patron the great Hindu ruler and military leader Shivaji. Also the subject of a previous blog entry. Please recall the Mumbai attack of 2008 began with the assault on the Shivaji rail terminus. All things related to Shivaji are a cause of extreme hate for the LeT.

* An attack on Indian nuclear facilities might very well have precipitated a nuclear counter-blow on Pakistani atomic production facilities? I think this is highly probable. Nuclear attack of whatever nature only begets further nuclear attack in retaliation.



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