Friday, December 11, 2009


This is coolbert:

From the Chicago Tribune just today:

"India seeks Chicagoan in Mumbai terror plot"

"Headley wanted for questioning and extradition"

"NEW DELHI - - India plans to seek access and eventual extradition of a Chicago man arraigned by the FBI for this alleged involvement in the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks, a top Indian official said Thursday."

"David Coleman Headley [Daood Gilani] is accused of conducting surveillance on sites in Mumbai targeted in the November 2008 attacks that killed 166 people."

"Indian Home Secretary . . . Pillai . . . said India's National Investigation Agency was expected to complete its investigation . . . after which New Del;hi would seek his [Daood Gilani] extradition."

Daood [NOT David] is really in the hot water now. India will seek the man be turned over to their judicial process. Daood faces a fate at the end of a rope.

Daood is guilty of those terrorist murders in the same manner as if he had been at the scene himself, pulling the trigger! A miscreant of the worst sort of type.

Daood should and hopefully will be extradited to India, where he faces some real justice. NO pity for this bad guy!!

[I just wish the media would stop referring to this Daood as David Coleman Headley. The alias of Headley is merely a pretense, an alias, a falsity.]


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