Monday, December 21, 2009

Iron Blind.

This is coolbert:

Here are two items of interest from the DEBKAfile.

Thank you DEBKA!

1. The French are poised to launch, or have already launched - - a new "spy" satellite, the mission of which is to provide dedicated coverage of the Middle East. Specifically, Lebanon and Iran. This is the Helios 2B.

"17 Dec. A French spy satellite Helios 2B was due to be launched . . . Dec. 17 . . . The new satellite is equipped to map and relay images in real time from battle zones, track threatening terrorist movements and hover over Lebanon and Iran to monitor events in both places."

2. The French are also intimately involved in the Iron Blind project. An effort to thwart the tunnel warfare smuggling of Hamas. Hamas tunneling successfully under the border between Egypt and Gaza, smuggling contraband and weaponry in furtherance of their machinations!

Iron Blind is a massive project, a multi-national effort [U.S./France/Egypt], a barrier of immense proportions, above and below ground, high-tech, etc.

"armored iron plates 18 meters long and 50 cm thick and drive them into the ground along the Philadelphi border which divides the Gaza Strip from Egyptian Sinai."

"Iron Blind, a perpendicular armored iron barrier, fitted with sensors, which ranks as the most ambitious military project ever attempted for obstructing tunnels carrying smuggled arms to a terrorist organization."

France is generally regarded as a medium-sized military power, albeit with nuclear potential, but still desires an active role on the world stage - - as is evidenced with Iron Blind!


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