Monday, December 28, 2009


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More on the Nigerian jihadi suicide bomber:

A mass-casualty jihadi attack that was thwarted by luck and the quick reaction of the passengers and air crew.


* PETN saw widespread use by airplane hijackers and bombers of the 1970's and 1980's.

* This liquid injected into the PETN was some sort of accelerator or chemical to enhance the detonation?

* This Nigerian jihadi paid $2,500 cash for a one-way ticket to Detroit and had only one small carry-on bag on his person.

[paying cash, one-way ticket and no-check in bags are the stereotypical signature of the hijacker or suicide bomber!]

* There was a secondary security check in Holland. The jihadi escaped detection there as well as at Lagos.

[I am assuming that a security check of some sort was done at Lagos!]

* PETN is and has been detectable by a sniffer dog, a swab-test, or a "puff" machine.

* PETN was the same explosive substance as was found in the shoes of the previous unsuccessful airplane suicide bomber, Richard Reid.

* The airliner was NOT over the ocean, rather, on the final stage of approach to Detroit for landing.

* This villain either by choice or by coincidence had a seat on the airplane where maximum damage would have occurred. In a window seat by the fuselage, right where the wing meets the body of the plane, and above two fuel tanks. Catastrophe was imminent and ONLY a miracle prevented that plane from being blown out of the sky!

* Unless you would have had the jihadi [suspected] strip, pull his pants down, and inspect his genitals, the explosive otherwise would have escaped detection even if a full-body scan type of device was available? And you would have only done such an intrusive "pat-down" if you have suspicions that warranted the search, and then ONLY with great fear a LAW SUIT!!

Attacking an airliner has the maximum psychological effect as desired by the jihadi. "You Amriki have taken all these precaustions and still we can get you!!"



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