Sunday, October 18, 2009

Rall & Krupinski.

This is coolbert:

"Why did the Germans have such high scoring?"

Here are two excellent YouTube videos. Interviews with top German fighter pilots from World War Two [WW2].

1. "Bf109 Ace G√ľnther Rall Interview"

An interview Gunther Rall. The authoritativfe source answers in an authoritative manner"

"Why did the Germans have such high scoring?"

There valid reasons why the top German aces of WW2 had "such high scoring" [KILLS]!

"Three conditions!" Which are - - according to Rall:

Watch the video and you will find out.

The Me-109 is often referred to as the Bf-109. It can go either way? Bf is short for: Bayerische Flugzeugwerke [Bavarian Aircraft Works]!

2. "Me262 Ace Walter "Graf" Krupinski Interview"

An interview with Walter Krupinski. "Count" Krupinski to his fellow German combat aviators.

An interview that could be perhaps better entitled: The "Count" that felt like a "King"!

Walter Krupinski was another top German WW2 aviator and fighter pilot ace:

* "accredited with 197 victories in 1,100 sorties."

* "Krupinski had bailed out four times and had been wounded five times"


* Rall and Krupinski both are the authoritative sources speaking with authority? When they speak, you should listen?

* Krupinski was shot down on four occasions and wounded five times, surviving the war, living to old age, still apparently healthy and spry even in his later years!

* It is almost embarrassing to hear these Germans expound in such excellent, fluent and almost profound English.

Watch these videos and enjoy. Thanks to SexyToshi in both cases.


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Anonymous said...

The last of the living great Luftwaffe Aces, Gunther Rall passed away this Oct 4th.

He remains a shining example to all the fighter pilots of the world. May he rest in peace at Walhalla.