Monday, October 5, 2009


This is coolbert:

"I still cannot comprehend that why are senegal and Libie, supporting this drug adduct [sic], murdering and raping animal??" - - anonymous.

Here thanks to france24:

Another instance of the military man [Moussa Dadis Camara] gone bad? The west African country of Guinea, a coup d' etat by military elements, overthrowing the civilian authority. Those civilians themselves, authoritarian and dictatorial as well. Civilian authority now supplanted by an even more BRUTAL AND REPRESSIVE MILITARY REGIME!

"Allegations of rape emerge after 157 killed in opposition crackdown"

"Guinean troops shot and killed at least 157 people, wounded more than 1,000, and raped women after breaking up an opposition rally, opposition sources said."

Murder, rape, etc. The usual as you expect from an authoritarian regime, brutal, even sadistic in the methods employed to gain AND maintain power.

Guinea has been ruled for decades by authoritarian regimes, Marxist inclined to a degree. AN AIRBASE IN THE CAPITAL CITY CONAKRY WAS AT ONE TIME A MAJOR STAGING POINT FOR SOVIET AIRCRAFT. The Tu-95 BEAR in particular on reconnaissance missions over the Atlantic was a staple of Cold War military machinations!

Perhaps I am off base here, jumping to unwarranted conclusions, but this situation in Guinea is not strictly internal? Other forces are at work here? Russians desiring a return to that airbase in Conakry for long-range Tu-95 flights either have a hand in the coup or are aiding and abetting from afar?


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