Sunday, July 27, 2014


This is coolbert:

Also from today and the Chicago Tribune editorial page a reprint of an article from 2 August 1914:


"Before establish hell on earth, the pietistic kings commend their to subject to God. Seek the Lord's sanction for the devil's work."

"'And now I command you to God,' said the Kaiser from his balcony to the people in the street ' Go to church and kneel before God and pray His help for our gallant army.'"

"Pray that a farmer dragged for a Saxon field shall be speedier with a bayonet thrust than a winemaker take from his vines in the Aube; that a Berlin lawyer shall be steadier with the rifle than a Moscow merchant; that a machine gun manned by Heidelberg students shall not jam and that one worked by Paris carpenters shall."

. . . .

"This is the twilight of the kings. Western Europe of the people may be caught in this debacle, but never again. Eastern Europe of the kings will be remade and the name of God shall not give grace to a hundred square miles of broken bodies."

. . . .

"It is the twilight of the kings. The republic marches east in Europe."

Those kings of course Wilhelm of Germany, Franz Joseph of Austria, Nicholas of Russia, and presently and in due course the ruler of the Ottoman Empire!


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