Sunday, July 20, 2014


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From a comment to a previous blog entry:

 "Anonymous said..."

"Fun fact, half the fuel there is used to power air conditioning!
So events like that will literally make the troops sweat!"

Here from "Embedded" by the U.S. Marine Corps officer Wesley Gray on his introduction to Iraq:

"Camp Victory is the U.S. Army's crowning achievement in base construction. The base exemplifies the Army's ability to fortify an enormous piece of earth and at the same time, convince the Iraqi people beyond any doubt that we are here for  to stay for a long time. One step into the camp and it was hard for me to imagine we would be leaving Iraq any time in the next century let alone the next few years. Not only was it huge, but it was surprisingly posh. Even the tents in the transient field quarters had out-standing amenities, air-conditioning, a floor-cleaning service, and wireless Internet. In addition to the stellar amenities in the tents, there were KBR [Kellogg, Brown and Root]chow halls with delicious food and enormous exercise facilities everywhere. I did not feel as thought I was in Iraq. In truth I felt as if the C-130 had taken a wrong turn and landed at a Club Med in the middle of the desert somewhere. Things were looking up."

NO kitchen police [KP] detail.

NO barracks detail.

NOT even like being in the army or even the military perhaps. All personnel enjoying the "amenities" and not merely the officers.

But in the process creating a sissified and weak troop? That performance of the American military in Iraq and Afghan says that is not the case?


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I was even off by a bit:

"Approximately 60% of the fuel is burned to provide climate control for Marines and equipment deployed at some 300 sites across Afghanistan."

"It’s even funnier knowing that for this fuel to arrive, millions and millions are paid to local warlords as “road protection money” in a mafia-style protection racket."

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FUBAR indeed...