Thursday, July 24, 2014


This is coolbert:

"YEP, it all works out!"

Place this blog entry in the strange but true or the paranormal category?

From an unexpected source:

"According to the London Sunday Times October 31 [2010] edition:  'Burma's military dictators have turned to soothsayers, astrologers and numerologists to help secure victory in national elections next Sunday [i.e. November 7]. Citizens were bewildered when a new national flag was hoisted on Oct. 21 at 3 p.m. — a highly auspicious moment as the digits of the day, the time and the year all add up to three, and together equal the lucky number nine.'"

"Digits of the day (2+1 = 3), the time (3 = 3), and the year (2+0+1+0 = 3) … yep, it all works out."

YES indeed, it does all work out. Of course it does, what else did you expect?

Those rulers of Burma, the military junta greatly superstitious and dependent on the "soothsayers, astrologers and numerologists", geomancers and such, decisions of a grave nature decided upon only after consulting and paying heed to the pronouncements of the ADEPTS!

That Burmese junta:

* Moving the capital city up the Irrawaddy river from Rangoon. That junta greatly fearing an armed invasion of American marines invading in the manner of Dracula from the Second World War.

* Eschewing all humanitarian aid as was the offer from international sources during that last cyclonic disaster from several years ago. That was Nargis. American military vessels standing by and waiting for the go-ahead to assist in relief efforts denied!

Within this context astrology and numerology works ONLY if the junta is using the western calendar. Astrology as practiced in Burma presumably having an Indian source, time-keeping as understood in that cultural domain far different from the "western" model.


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