Monday, July 28, 2014


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From that prior blog entry:

"Two [images] show what the US government alleges are Russian batteries on its own territory -- one group of multiple rocket launchers and another of self-propelled howitzers."

Self-propelled artillery to include the 2S19?

"The 2S19 'Msta-S' . . . is a self-propelled 152 mm howitzer designed by Russia/Soviet Union,
Maximum firing range, Base bleed: 29km (18 mi), RAP: 36 km (22 mi). RAP = rocket assisted projectile.

A 2S19 on parade.

That barrel of the 2S19 is telescoping? Seems to be of great caliber well beyond norm. 2S19 has a capability to fire a very deadly round over long distance with great accuracy. And when a unit has fired a certain number of rounds, that self-propelled capability allows for rapid movement to another location, flummoxing counter-fire in the process.

The Ukraine has counter-battery/counter-mortar radar at their disposal? IF NOT, THEY NEED SOME SOON!


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Telescoping? No.