Sunday, July 20, 2014


This is coolbert:

With regard to the demand of ISIL that all Christians pay the obligatory jizya tax, this bodes not well:

"Islamic State marks Christian homes in Mosul"

"They are marking the Christians’ homes with ن, a nūn, for Nasara, which is the Qur’an’s word for Christians: Nazarenes [JESUS of Nazareth]. Probably they are doing this so that they can know from which houses to demand the jizya, the tax that the Qur’an demands that the subjugated People of the Book pay in the Islamic state?"

That mark signifies a Christian lives within!

There hasn't been anything like this at least since the time when the Taliban took over Afghan?

Requiring all Hindu to wear a saffron thread around their necks at all time as a form of identification as might be seen from a distance..

"Protected persons" under the Pact of Omar, Christians and Jews needing to pay the jizya to remain in good standing with the Islamic rulers in whose realm they may reside.


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