Saturday, July 26, 2014


This is coolbert:

Good fences make for good neighbors.

And for that matter, good anti-tank ditches make for good neighbors too.

"UKRAINE: Odessa region vidhorodytsya 450-kilometer 'Transnistrian ditch.'"

"Odessa region vidhorodytsya 450-kilometer 'Transnistrian ditch.'
To block the movement of heavy military equipment and moving contraband goods on the Transnistrian segment of the Ukrainian-Moldovan border began work on engineering enhancement - to 450-km boundary proryyut trench width 3.5 meters and a depth of 2-3 meters."

Under construction right now, hurriedly and in a rushed manner so it seems, a barrier of extraordinary proportions under construction. A trench, even a moat perhaps, many hundreds of  kilometers [miles] long on the border between Ukraine and Moldova, that Trans-Dneister region of critical concern to the central government in Kiev.

As too was the subject of a prior blog entry. That population along the Dneister river in Moldovan territory predominantly ethnic Russian. With all  that means within the current context of the Ukraine crisis.


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