Sunday, July 13, 2014


This is coolbert:

Stop! Full stop! NO further!

Omar and his Taliban minions threatened by the success of ISIL.

Begging and pleading for restraint!

So it sounds.

"The Taliban Warns ISIS of Being Too Extreme"

"Taliban militants in Afghanistan have warned ISIS insurgents fighting in Iraq to ‘avoid extremism’ in a plea for unity among jihadists."

"It urged the Sunni faction, which has been waging a bloody insurgency against Shi’ite Muslim groups in Iraq, to avoid ‘distrusting’ other Islamist groups."

"Commanders of the al-Qaeda-linked group also pleaded with the fighters of ISIS, which recently declared an Islamic ‘Caliphate’ in its captured territory, to respect the rule of law."

That rule of law Shariah? I am not sure.

Omar and the Taliban strictly Pashtun with few exceptions and their degree of control of inspiration to the jihadist and the umma strictly confined to Afghan?

Caliph Ibrahim and his appeal world-wide and inspiring the jihadist in a way that the Taliban cannot and probably would even attempt?

This is what this is all about?


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