Sunday, July 27, 2014


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Once more from the Internet web site we have extracts and commentary from "Panzer Battles" by von Mellenthin.

"Problems of Withdrawal"

"Of all operations of war, von Mellenthin notes, a withdrawal under heavy enemy pressure is probably the most difficult and perilous"

"Indeed it is recorded of the great Moltke [Moltke the Elder], that when he was being praised for his generalship in the Franco-Prussian War, and was told by an admirer that his reputation would rank with such great captains as Napoleon, Frederick, or Turenne, he answered, 'No, for I have never conducted a retreat.'"

Retrograde operations, delaying, withdrawal, retirement. RETREAT to the common folks!

A movement to the rear. And HOW done most crucial. In an organized or disorganized manner. The former good, the latter bad!

That mark of a good general not how well he performs during a successful offensive but rather how well he performs during a defeat and retrograde?

And that retreat while under pressure requiring an amphibious evacuation even more difficult and tenuous at best.

In this regard Dynamo [English], Ariel [English] and Hungnam [American] those fighting withdrawals the reverse amphibious operation indicative of a high level of military proficiency and competence.


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