Saturday, July 26, 2014


This is coolbert:

Can the center hold?

In this case, can the Kurds hold? The Kurds and their ways.

"Masror Barzani: ISIS preparing for a major confrontation with Peshmerga , We need America’s help"

"The National Security Council adviser in Kurdistan Region, Masror Barzani has warned from reports that the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria 'ISIS' is preparing for a major confrontation with Peshmerga forces, and called on the United States to provide direct military assistance to the region that is fighting the extremist threats alone."

Help for the Kurds if and when the climactic battle with ISIL forces begins. And no need for "boots on the ground either". More than anything else drones firing Hellfire missiles in abundance, ISIL subjected to a bombardment of epic proportions.

Peshmerga those combat units of the Kurd autonomous region, fierce fighters known for the ability in close quarters battle. It won't be so easy for ISIL with the peshmerga as it was with the Iraqi National Army.


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