Friday, July 18, 2014

Syria & ISIL.

This is coolbert:

NOT SO FAST BASHAR! Only the other day having been sworn in for another term, Basher confident his military can defeat those in opposition to him, NOW ISIL fighters moving against Syria and having some success.

"Reports: 100 killed in seizure of Syria gas field"

"BEIRUT (AP) — Islamic militants killed about 100 Syrian troops, guards and workers as they captures a gas field in central Syria following daylong clashes, activists said Friday.
The attack was the deadliest fighting so far between fighters of the Islamic State group and forces loyal to President Bashar Assad."

Bashar and his Alawite compatriots having a Shia orientation and considered heretics by the Sunni ISIL.

Rather than merely consolidating rule in those areas of Iraq now under ISIL control, the insurgents continue their advance.


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