Thursday, July 3, 2014


This is coolbert:

Objectives and commanders. Some persons are going to observe that the ISIL rebels seems to be too good. Some senior military personalities are directing the onslaught? Identities unknown? Those in leadership are not amateurs?


"ISIS seeks to create an Islamic Emirate extending across Iraq and Syria. This vision is expansionist, and it is prosecuted through military conquest . . . The ISIS style of warfare hybridizes terrorism, guerrilla warfare, and conventional warfare. The presence of the last indicates that the ISIS likely possesses a cadre of former Saddam-era military officers who know the military terrain in Iraq as their own. The military campaign design exhibited by ISIS over the last two years bears the signature of multiple commanders"

Sunni military commanders from the Saddam era normally did not have a good reputation. AT LEAST UNTIL NOW!


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