Monday, July 21, 2014

Tunnels of Gaza I.

This is coolbert:

As we speak, at this very moment, the primary mission and objective of the Israeli those Hamas tunnel complexes providing sanctuary for Hamas personnel and rocket artillery!

Tunnel warfare, brutal, harsh, unremitting, asymmetric!

1. "IDF in Gaza uncovers eight smuggling tunnels and cache of weapons stored in them"

“Paratroopers uncover 8 smuggling tunnels in Gaza,” by Yoav Zitun, Ynet News, July 18, 2014"

2. "US: Restrict Gaza operation to precise action against tunnels"

“US: Restrict Gaza operation to precise action against tunnels,” by Rebecca Shimoni Stoil, Times of Israel, July 18, 2014"

And as has been noted by an Israeli authority:

"a very limited set of 'conventional' tools to neutralize it."

Artillery and aerial bombardment having a very limited capability to destroy those tunnels. It appears those Hamas tunnels are perhaps even designed by mining engineers and dug by professional miners. Strong and robust facilities and fighting positions dug with the intent of defeating overwhelming Israeli firepower.

NOT HOWEVER IMPERVIOUS TO THE EFFORTS OF THE "TUNNEL RAT"! That soldier trained and equipped to enter the enemy underground abode, meet the foe and destroy at close quarters.

That term "tunnel rat" a legacy of the Vietnam era, a sobriquet applied to those very brave and determined American troops entering the tunnel complexes of the NVA/VC adversary. Seek out the foe and destroy in his own lair.


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