Friday, July 4, 2014


This is coolbert:

Thanks to the AP and the tip from Jungle Trader we have this update on the continuing saga, the hunt for Joseph Kony.

And as I had expected all along, the "hunt" not going well.

Joseph and his dwindling band of Lord's Resistance Army [LRA] still evasive as ever, eluding the best efforts of African troops and American military technology. NO ONE able to come to grips with Joseph. So it seems.

"Rebel Leader Kony 'Hibernates,'evades Jungle Hunt"

"The African troops hoped the latest defector from the Lord's Resistance Army rebel group would have fresh insight into the location of infamous warlord Joseph Kony."

"But Sam Opio, a senior rebel commander who defected last week, shook his head and said he hadn't seen rebel leader Kony since 2010."

"He is not alone. All recent defectors have denied seeing or communicating with Kony in the last few years, complicating the work of U.S.-backed Ugandan troops who are hunting down rebels in the dense, often-impenetrable jungles of Central Africa that cover the size of France."

Those defectors denying any information as to the whereabouts of Joseph. Indeed, if possessing information, probably some sort of disinformation. DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE JOSEPH. The man is wily.

Joseph able to combine that correct combination of jungle savvy, terrorism and intimidation, perverted Christianity and traditional African juju.

Joseph will more than likely never be captured, dying a lonely but natural death, the ranks of the LRA depleted, the man eventually abandoned by his followers. Escaping justice decades after the evil deeds having been done.


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