Monday, July 28, 2014

28 July 1914!!

This is coolbert:

One hundred years ago it began. The Great War. The July crisis had ended, the formal declaration of war made 28 July 1914!!

From the WW1 Timeline 1914

* June 28,1914    Archduke Franz Ferdinand heir to the throne of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and his wife are assassinated in Sarajevo.

 * July 28    Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia.

Some miscellany regarding the assassination of Franz Ferdinand previously not known to me:

1. Two assassination attempts that day. The first [a bomb] failing, the second [shooting] succeeding.

2. Gavrilo the assassin ONLYpresented with a second opportunity [successful] to kill the Archduke in an accidental manner.

3. Sophie the wife of Franz Ferdinand with child, expecting!

4. That day 28 June of particular importance to the Serb. "June 28, 1914, which is also St. Vitus Day, commemorating the Battle of Kosovo in 1389."

St. Vitus day and the Battle of Kosovo the defeat of the Serb forces under Lazar by the Ottoman. Beginning a many century of occupation and oppression of the Serb by the Islamic conquerors. A date and event in history that THE SERB HAS NOT FORGOTTEN TO THIS DAY.

Gavrilo and Lee Harvey Oswald are almost as if one and the same person? Individuals stumbling their way through life in an aimless fashion but when presented with their one opportunity to change all of history, surely did so??


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