Tuesday, July 29, 2014


This is coolbert:

With an admonition more video of ISIL massacre and atrocity as perpetrated in Iraq.

Persons described as Rafidi the victims. That term Rafidi unknown to me.

"Unconfirmed Reports of Video of the Iraq Mass Executions by ISIS (WARNING: GRAPHIC) "


"According to the video description, the place of the incident was 'Tikrit' in Iraq, according to a video description, and describe themselves as Rafidis, which include Shiites, Iranians, Alawites ..... an imprecise term."

"According to a Twitter Video Description the largest massacre of Shiites in Tikrit."

"It is not known if it this video relates to the first massacre in Tikrit ago more than a month, or if they have committed more massacres."

Tikrit of course understand as the ancestral home of Saddam al-Tikriti. The man better known to the world as the late Saddam Hussein. Tikrit also the center and focus of Sunni Islam in Iraq.

Rafidi those persons identified more correctly as Shia adherents. ISIL Sunni and in great opposition to the Shia form of Islam.

"The purpose of terror is to terrorize!" - - V. I. Lenin. And such Internet social media as YouTube and Twitter greatly simplifies the task.

P.S.: This video by ISIL is INDEED very graphic. Is thirty-six minutes long and the last five minutes shows the mass executions and atrocity. The ISIL is VERY anti-Shia. LOTS of scenes showing Shia mosques, shrines, burial sites being blown to bits. Watch at your discretion and believe what you see, ISIL is for real, adherents have a maniacal fervor.


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