Monday, July 7, 2014


This is coolbert:

Again, what has been feared and expected may be now transpiring, even as we speak.

"ISIS Set to Destroy [ALL] Biblical History in Iraq"

"Last week, al-Baghdadi’s men returned to the Mosul Museum. They broke the lock to the storage rooms, and they have occupied the building ever since. 'They say they are awaiting instructions from their guide [al-Baghdadi] to destroy these statues,' says Rashid, the National Museum director who is in touch with the local staff. Typically, al-Baghdadi is looking for the moment when he can get the most global attention"

Statues presumably of ancient antiquity, Sumer, Babylon, the entire Mesopotamia region. WHERE CIVILIZATION BEGAN! Irreplaceable artifacts of great value now only existing at the whim and sufferance of Caliph Ibrahim. Graven images in the Islamic context such as was the Buddhist statues of the Bamian valley in Afghan!

Statues and artifacts the business savvy Caliph indeed also knows can demand a high price on the international black market. Further financing of successful jihad possible.


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