Friday, July 11, 2014


This is coolbert:


Also from the Second World War [WW2] another "oddity" I had never heard of before.

Armored railway car with tank turrets.

"TSM1516 Panzerjager Tribwagen WWII German Army Railway Tank Hunter Car"

"It was suggested in mid-1943 to make the Triebwagen 51 , but by the time design and construction was completed in 1944-45, it was too late to be of any significant use in WWII. It was equipped with an armored railcar 7.5cm KwK L/48 guns(in Panzer IV/H), which provided strong enough firepower to be used for anti-tank purposes . There were only three of this railcar made (No. 51-53) and all were found at the factory by Allied forces, but it is questionable whether any ever went into service."

Looks like three gun turrets in one car or perhaps two turrets with guns and one cupola.

Armored railway car with embedded tank turrets. Able to provide resistance against ground assault by Soviet infantry accompanied by armor.

This idea not totally brought to fruition, that tank turret and gun however the same as found in a "Tiger" tank.

An idea having merit, but not so inclusively so!


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