Wednesday, April 28, 2021


This is coolbert:

The Turk does it. The French do it too!

Open letter to the French government from the highest ranks of the military [retired flag officers]. Criticism not taken lightly or ignored by the French civilian legally constituted authority.

Courtesy Russian Times.

"French defense minister threatens ‘sanctions’ against ex-generals behind open letter blasting Islamism and ‘suburban hordes’"

"French Defense Minister Florence Parly has said that former high-ranking military personnel may be punished for signing a letter urging the president to stop the looming disintegration of the country and possible civil war."

"The letter, which had caused a stir in the media, was published in the conservative ‘Valeurs Actuelles’ news magazine on April 21. The appeal was signed by around 20 retired generals along with 'a hundred senior officers and more than a thousand soldiers,' the magazine said."

Woke! Cancel culture! Critical race theory! All the bells and whistles an American import and abhorred by the traditional minded French military patriot. Not here they say!

Historically the French military not so hesitant or reticent to becoming openly involved in French internal politics. Think even back to 1960 and the OAS. Warnings and admonitions should not be ignored?

See previous blog entry the Turkish admiral flag officers and THEIR open letter to President Erdogan.


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