Friday, February 26, 2021

Pantsir S1.

This is coolbert:

Captured! The most dangerous beast of them all! From Libya with love!

Thanks to the  Internet web site Defense World advanced Russian air defense [AD] system in American hands for evaluation?

"Is the Carting Away of Russian Pantsir S1 linked to U.S. Army’s IM-SHORAD Testing?"

"The U.S. military has not commented on The Times report leading to speculation that the Pantsir S1 may have been taken away as part of testing its own IM-SHORAD. In the past, U.S. military has used Russian equipment procured from former Soviet Bloc nations for testing and comparison with its own military hardware."

Wheeled version of the Pantsir in action. Effective against the kamikaze drone. Provides close-in air defense [AD] for Russian forces in Syria.

Here with the tracked version of the Pantsir. Carries surface-air-missiles [twelve SAM] and two 30 mm auto-cannon. Plus organic onboard radars. Mobile, formidable and impressive.


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Anonymous said...

Bert says: The wheeled version I might assume with some accuracy the mission to defend a point target. An airfield. A harbor. Some sort of major installation, military or civilian.