Tuesday, September 4, 2018


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Thanks to a Hot Mail from Sharkhunters and as reported by WIZARD:


"The former head of the Royal Navy accused Ministry of Defence civil servants of being ‘pathetic’ for ignoring vital information about the looting of sunken war graves (ships) in the Far East. His source had learned of the wide scale plundering of the wrecks off the coast of Malaysia in May 2017, and contacted Lord West with details of the ships and the companies pillaging them for scrap metal. They include the battleship PRINCE OF WALES which was sunk with the loss of 327 men; the battle cruiser HMS REPULSE which sank with the loss of 508 lives; and the heavy cruiser HMS EXETER which went down with the loss of 40 of her crew."

Warships sunk from the era of the Second World War [WW2] and for decades now laying on the bottom at depth but now being cut up for scrap? This seems to be preposterous and yet I have no doubt it is occurring.

Plenty of scrap metal on the international market I might assume already available. And the cost of salvage and selling recovered steel from an underwater vessel not economically worth while? Those sunken warships as stated war graves. Normally beyond touching or even visiting unless with permission.

From the English Guardian read an entire article devoted to the issue of salvaging steel from these warships. Seems the steel as salvaged from these warships is one of the last sources in the world of very valuable “low background steel” as it is deemed. Recovery of metal possible if the sunken warships are at a depth of less than eighty meters [about 240 feet].

There you have it. There is a definite value to the salvaged steel. You learn something new every day and you are the better for it too!


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