Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Coot II.

This is coolbert:

Coot gone follow-up number one.

Gulf of Tonkin deja vu all over again? As I feared. So many possible culprits? Even fratricide.

Hold onto your hats everyone. This could get grim fast.

From various sources and the original tip from Al.

1. "Putin Says Israel Didn't Down Russian Aircraft; Netanyahu Offers Condolences"

"Earlier, Russia blamed downed military aircraft on Israel's 'deliberate provocations' striking Syria ■ France denies involvement, U.S. says plane shot down by Syrian air defense systems"

2. "Russia blames Israel after military plane shot down off Syria"

"Russia has said Syria shot down one of its military planes - but laid the blame for the deaths of the 15 personnel on board with Israel."

The Israeli did it. The Israeli did not do it. The Syrian did it. Etc. 

At this juncture cooler heads appear to be prevailing. I would hope so. A misinterpretation of events can lead to misguided and unwanted retaliation the consequences of which are both undesirable and unpredictable.

Nebel des Krieges!  Fog of war!


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