Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Rockford USA.

This is coolbert:

Here with some images of a 23 September 2017 World War Two [WW2] reenactment, Rockford, Illinois, USA.

Invasion USA!

German/Nazi brutes in mortal combat with brave U.S. paratroopers of the 82nd Airborne division. Click on all images to see an enlarged view.

A German SS Mann [left] and a Wehrmacht soldier confer before battle, exchanging their appreciations. That man on the right wearing a gorget. Symbolic of authority.

A composite unit, SS and Wehrmacht in the same ranks? This was unheard of? Expediency overrides normal protocol during wartime.

German SS troop with motorcycle/sidecar. Also equipped with a MG42 machine gun. The MG42 rapidity of fire truly amazing.

An American 82nd Airborne soldier commits treason? The man apparently sharing some sort of battlefield intelligence of value to a SS officer!

Evidence of time travel in the year 1945? The famous Andrews Sisters entertain American soldiers. But possessing modern micro-phonics and amplification. Such advanced technology was obtained just how? In reality there were three Andrews sisters.

German SS men in encampment. Weapons on the far left not stacked and at the instantaneous ready. Poor form!

A senior German commander resplendent in dress white uniform prior to parley with embattled and dispirited U.S. troops. Negotiate a fair and honorable American surrender with the promise of  humane and just treatment of prisoners and wounded.

Temporary graves of vanquished German soldiers. Remains awaiting eventual exhumation, repatriation and subsequent burial in the vaterland.

Nice-looking and apparently in more or less mint condition German military motorcycle/sidecar. German mechanized commanders appreciate the scouting/screening that can be done from such a vehicle.

Weary German troop wanders through encampment! That uniform all wool. Air temperatures in the shade during the day thirty-five degrees Celsius [95 degrees Fahrenheit]!! Nobody said that serving the vaterland was going to be easy, did they?

German field hospital awaiting the wounded. Best described as a facility for first aid and battlefield triage but not able to treat life-threatening wounds. Some of those pans already stained with blood!

German field kitchen. Lots of smoke and dust in the air. Got to be careful or you will betray your position! The photographer has edited and rendered this image to black and white as would have been seen during the period!

Soldiers of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army with camp follower during a respite from battle. Attached to the German Army these combatants adept at reconnaissance/scouting, partisan/anti-partisan warfare. Noted for their brutality too. Those men at least have their weapons in their hands and at the ready!

That final and climactic battle between American paratroopers and German soldiers aborted, a grass fire having been started by ordnance as fired by participants. As it might have been during actual combat. Overall, the performance of this event I rate as very good.


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