Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Turkey II.

This is coolbert:


Every you ever wanted to know about Imam Gulen but did not even know to ask!

From the Steve Sailer blog all the entries concerning Imam Gulen.

The man accused by the Turk as being an instigator/advocate/ fomenting armed rebellion.

Imam Gulen an enigma? Runs charter schools in the United States that specialize in math and science.

Even Imam Gulen an American citizen? I am not sure.

This is all big mystery.See those Steve Sailer blog entries regarding Gulen:







That term Imam usually signifies a religious or prayer leader.

Gulen more an educator than a coup plotter? That connection to the Turkish coup remains to be seen. Expect a long legal process. Gulen not a stranger to the judicial process either!

Gulen if an when extradited to Turkey at the request of the Turk his future very grim!


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