Thursday, July 10, 2014

Tanker Trucks.

This is coolbert:

We have not heard any of this in some time now. That main supply route [MSR] for NATO forces in Afghan once again under attack.

A vehicle park of tanker trucks evidently clumped in close proximity destroyed in a Taliban raid. A few RPG rounds and the whole mess gone afire. Sympathetic detonations and explosions, spreading fire the result.

Someone goofed big time here. Clumping and bunching of all those tanker trucks a big no-no!

But the case anyhow, disaster.

"Taliban torch hundreds of 'NATO-supplying' fuel trucks near Kabul"

"An assault by militants at a large parking lot on the outskirts of Afghan capital, Kabul, Friday night left at least 200 fuel tankers incinerated."

"The number of tankers on fire is not yet clear, but based on preliminary reports from police around 200 tankers have been burned,'” 
. . . .

"Taliban fighters fired four RPG rockets at a logistics compound in the Paghman district of the capital, said Hashmat Stanekzai, a spokesman for the Kabul police, confirming that the number of burned-out vehicles could reach 400."

 “'we fear the worst,'”

OH YES we do. And those last American and NATO troops when they exit Afghan, be prepared to fight your way out under the most possibly harsh of circumstances!!


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Anonymous said...

Fun fact, half the fuel there is used to power air conditioning!

So events like that will literary make the troops sweat!