Thursday, July 3, 2014

Battle Plan.

This is coolbert:

They have not yet begun to fight!!


"There are indications that ISIS is about to launch into a new offensive in Iraq . . . An ISIS bomber with a suicide vest (SVEST) attacked the Kadhimiya shrine in northern Baghdad on June 26, 2014, one of the four holy sites in Iraq that Iran and Shi’a militias are most concerned to protect. ISIS also incorporated an SVEST into a complex attack in Mahmudiyah, south of Baghdad, on June 25, 2014 in a zone primarily controlled by the ISF and Shi’a militias on the road from Baghdad to Karbala. These attacks are demonstrations that ISIS has uncommitted forces in the Baghdad Belts that may be brought to bear in new offensives. ISIS’s offensive has not culminated, and the ISIS campaign for Iraq is not over. Rather, as Ramadan approaches, their main offensive is likely imminent."

One observer has suggested that isolating and denying the Baghdad International airport will be a major objective of ISIL. And use captured MANPAD to do so! NOT necessarily capturing the airport but rather deny the airfield to internal and external air traffic. Wait and see!!

Those Shia militias will be desperate to protect their holy sites and will have to divert a large portion of their forces to do so. ISIL calls the time and place of attack and this is to their advantage.


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