Sunday, July 13, 2014

Bunker 41.

This is coolbert:

From the Times of Israel some more info regarding those chemical rockets and artillery rounds as captured by ISIL

"Islamists take control of Iraqi chemical weapons site"

"The UN said the bunker [evidently where the munitions was stored] was bombed during the first Gulf War in February 1991, which routed Iraq from Kuwait, and the rockets were 'partially destroyed or damaged.'"

"It said the sarin munitions were 'of poor quality' and 'would largely be degraded after years of storage under the conditions existing there.' It said the tabun-filled containers were all treated with decontamination solution and likely no longer contain any agent, but 'the residue of this decontamination would contain cyanides, which would still be a hazard.'”

"According to the report, Bunker 41 contained 2,000 empty 155-mm artillery shells contaminated with the chemical warfare agent mustard, 605 one-ton mustard containers with residues, and heavily contaminated construction material. It said the shells could contain mustard residues which can’t be used for chemical warfare but 'remain highly toxic.'"

"Poor quality", "still be a hazard", "highly toxic".

OH, I am glad "poor quality"! Even minutes of nerve agents [sarin or tabun] are very deadly. Presumably even if ONLY "POOR QUALITY"! As noted, even the decontamination process producing a toxic by-product that of itself can be deadly!

"The rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air"!


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