Monday, February 10, 2014

Invisible I.

This is coolbert:

Super-squid, super-soldier!

Reflectin. Mimicry.

Stealth technology for the common soldier that will defeat infra-red [IR] surveillance devices.

As seen in the most recent edition of Popular Mechanics and copied in entirety.

"Navy SEALs may soon be able to hide from enemy night-vision goggles by emulating squid. The skin of the common pencil squid is imbued with a protein, reflectin, that changes color and reflects wavelengths of light, enabling it to 'disappear'. University of California, Irvine engineers are testing a reflectin-based coating that appears black at wavelengths between 700 and 1200 nanometers. The properties can be adjusted by applying a chemical trigger, so the coating vanishes when viewed in infrared. The goal is to incorporate reflectin in fabrics to make camo that adjust to various background and lighting"

And further:

"New Infrared Camouflage Coating Created from Squid-Derived Compound"

 "A team of researchers led by Dr Alon Gorodetsky of the University of California, Irvine, has developed a tunable biomimetic infrared camouflage coating inspired by pencil squids"

"With the appropriate chemical stimuli, the films’ coloration and reflectance can shift back and forth, giving them a dynamic configurability that allows the films to disappear and reappear when visualized with an infrared camera."

"Infrared detection equipment is employed extensively by military forces for night vision, navigation, surveillance and targeting."

Not necessarily "invisible" as that word commonly, generally, and ordinarily understood. More correctly understood as MUCH MORE DIFFICULT TO SEE!

This chemical useful only to defeat IR technology, passive [FLIR] and active [illuminator and IR goggles]? NOT effective against NOD [night-observation-device] relying on massive amplification of existing ambient light no matter how faint. Devices of the original "Starlight Scope" variety.


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