Friday, June 24, 2011


This is coolbert:

Thanks to DEBKAfile the type of headline that catches your attention immediately and DOES raise eyebrows! At least it does for me.

Quoting in entirety for your edification:

"Three Russian designers of Iran's nuclear plant die in plane crash"

DEBKAfile Exclusive Report

"23 June. The three scientists who planned, designed, built and operated Iran's first nuclear reactor at Bushehr this year died Tuesday night, June 20, when a Rusaero flight from Moscow crashed at Petrozavodsk in northwest Russia. DEBKAfile reveals they were among the 44 passengers killed. Their loss is a blow to Russia's atomic reactor and energy industries because of their expertise in synchronizing different nuclear systems. Some intelligence sources say that Bushehr's amalgam of systems made it vulnerable to the Stuxnet virus two years ago."

"The authorities have ordered an investigation to find out why all three senior nuclear scientists were aboard the same airliner in violation of Russian security regulations which prohibit more than one high-ranking politician, military figure or executive of a sensitive industry taking the same flight." [my emphasis!]

All three - - a sensitive industry - - the same flight! I recall reading in the paper about this plane crash, but it was not reported as having any sort of special significance to it, nothing out of the ordinary. Thanks to DEBKA, you know the rest of the story? AND those of a conspiratorial mind will read into this what they want. EVEN that DEBKA was perhaps used a conduit willingly or otherwise?

First Stuxnet - - now this?


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