Friday, June 10, 2011


This is coolbert:

Thanks to the tip from the blog Jungle Trader, more troubling headlines involving disputed "islands" and territory that are thought to be rich in natural resources. Those itty-bitty specks of rock in the South China Sea - - the Spratly Islands! Disputed territory, the sovereignty of which is currently contested by no less than five different nations. In this particular case, the Chinese seen as bullies, Vietnam responding with veiled threats - - a warning being issued indirectly so!

"Tensions Rise in South China Sea"

"Vietnam gears up for live-fire naval drills."

"Tensions went up a notch in a maritime border dispute between China and Vietnam in the South China Sea on Friday, with Hanoi announcing it would carry out live-fire naval drills near disputed island chains."

When Bert speaks of "'itty-bitty' specks of rock" this description is literal and not figurative. Quite often "islands" appearing only at the lowest of tides and then only momentary, a hut occupied by a single lone soldier establishing claim to occupied "land" and the contiguous waters thereof!

From over thirty years ago now the last armed clashes between the Chinese and Vietnamese. And from over  forty years now hints that the waters of the South China Sea and the believed petroleum resources were a major contributing factor for U.S. involvement in the Second Indo-Chinese War.

Access and sovereignty issues involving resources - - existing or merely believed to exist, quite often being a reason for nations going to war.

Hold your breath!


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