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The Nine Worthies. A concept and listing from the Middle Ages. Chivalric and noble figures from ancient history.

"The Nine Worthies (les neuf preux) are nine historical, scriptural, mythological or semi-legendary figures who, in the Middle Ages, were believed to personify the ideals of chivalry."

Three persons each from three historical periods and cultural/religious domain [pagan, Jewish, Christian], exemplars of chivalry as that concept is understood.

As to the nine worthies consider:


* Hector.
* Alexander the Great.
* Julius Caesar.


* Joshua.
* David.
* Judas Maccabeus.


* King Arthur.
* Charlemagne.
* Godfrey of Bouillon.

"As a group, the nine worthies represent all facets of the perfect warrior."


* Hector and King Arthur are often referred to as "mythological figures". My perception is that they were REAL individuals capable of the deeds as attributed to them, perhaps on a more modest scale that what legend suggests, but still REAL warriors and leaders, military men both heroic and noble.

* It can be suggest that some of these chivalric persons [Caesar, Joshua], often as COMMANDERS conducted warfare that was almost or WAS genocidal in nature? Brutality was the order of the day then as it can be in modern times.

AND this too. Compile a list of MODERN military men that are exemplars of chivalry.

Off the top of my head, I can name five persons WORTHY of incorporation into a list of modern "Worthies":

* Saburo Sakai. Outstanding Japanese combat aviator from World War Two, chivalrously sparing the life of an opponent [Southerland] in the skies over Guadalcanal.

* Eugene Fluckey. American submariner and Medal of Honor [MoH] winner from the Second World War. Ran an orphanage in Portugal post-war.

* Bernhard Rogge. Captain of the German surface raider Atlantis. Renowned for his humane and civilized treatment of captured enemy sailors and civilians during World War Two.

* Norman Schwarzkopf. American combat soldier and commander of the allied coalition that was victorious in the First Gulf War. Noted for insisting on measures to minimize casualties among his own troops AND Iraqi civilians both.

* Leonard Cheshire VC. Famous English combat aviator from the era of World War Two. Greatly admired in England for his post-war charitable and philanthropic activities on behalf of the disabled.

WHO can come up with more likely candidates for inclusion into the ranks of MODERN "Worthies"?? I invite input from devoted readers to the blog.


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mammalla said...

Shivaji the Great, definitely an example of chivalry (much to the detriment of Hindus).

* The French traveller Francois Bernier wrote in his Travels in Mughal India:

"I forgot to mention that during pillage of Sourate, Seva-ji, the Holy Seva-ji! Respected the habitation of the reverend father Ambrose, the Capuchin missionary. 'The Frankish Padres are good men', he said 'and shall not be attacked.' He spared also the house of a deceased Delale or Gentile broker, of the Dutch, because assured that he had been very charitable while alive."