Sunday, July 18, 2010


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Regarding the prior blog post on North Korea - - systemic malnutrition as a factor in the North Koreans NOT launching an attack against the South Koreans [ROK] and the American allies.

See this from the wiki entry on the Battle of Caporetto [WW1]:

"Failures of German Logistics"

"Even before the battle, Germany was struggling to feed and supply its armies in the field. Erwin Rommel, who, as a junior officer, won the Pour le Mérite for his exploits in the battle, often bemoaned the demands placed upon his 'poorly fed troops'. The Allied blockade of the German Empire, which the Kaiserliche Marine had been unable to break, was responsible for food shortages and widespread malnutrition in Germany and allied countries. When inadequate provisioning was combined with the gruelling night marches preceding the battle of Caporetto, a heavy toll was extracted from the German and Austro-Hungarian forces. Despite these logistical problems, the initial assault was extremely successful. However, as the area controlled by the combined Central Powers forces expanded, an already limited logistical capacity was overstrained. By the time the attack reached the Piave, the soldiers of the Central Powers were running low on supplies and were feeling the physical effects of exhaustion"

Physical exhaustion greatly exacerbated by a meagre and inadequate diet PRIOR to the offensive! The German troops and their Austro-Hungarian allies JUST RAN OUT OF STEAM!! The initial assault, as stated "extremely successful", could not be sustained to the degree desired because of exhaustion, the physical demands being too great for those already in a weakened or semi-weakened state - - DUE TO LACK OF FOOD - - a proper diet not available!!


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