Monday, April 20, 2009

X Decima Mas.

This is coolbert:

"Mare Nostrum - - Our sea!!"

It is generally accepted and agreed upon that the performance of the Italian military armed forces in both World Wars was poor!?

Here, however, is one group of Italians that have been admired and emulated for their courage, inventiveness, devotion to duty, military ability:

Decima Flottiglia MAS.

That Italian naval unit renowned for unconventional warfare missions during the Second World War [WW2]. A unit innovative for their use of what has become known as frog-man tactics. Using a combination of high-speed torpedo boats, midget and conventional submarines, combat "swimmers" using limpet mines, and HUMAN TORPEDOES to accomplish their naval "guerrilla warfare" missions!!

It comes a surprise that primarily the Italians [and also the French to a degree] pioneered many of the underwater combat techniques today associated with the U.S. Navy SEALS?! [for that matter also, the British Special Boat Squadron and Soviet/Russian naval spetsnaz!]

First sport spear-fishing, then skin-diving, then SCUBA [self-contained-underwater-breathing-apparatus] all were developed and perfected by the Italians [again, by the French to degree also!] in those years prior to WW2,

Civilian past-times that had obvious military applications. Applications that were adopted by the Italian Navy with vigor.

Missions performed during WW2 by frog-men of Decima primarily were directed at the British, with the intent of denying the two choke points of Gibraltar and Suez. Two choke points that many years earlier had been designated by Admiral Sir Jackie Fisher as vital areas of interest to British naval power and the safety of the Empire.

Unconventional, asymmetric warfare, carried out by small teams of frog-men that were highly effective! The combat performance of Decima is in marked contrast to the actions of THE CONVENTIONAL NAVAL FORCES OF ITALY during the same time period!! Decima was successful - - the rest of the Italian navy was NOT!!

The men of Decima can best be described as FANATICS!? Loyal to the fascist cause in a way that most others men of the Italian military were not!?

Even in the aftermath of Italian surrender [1943], some X elements, including the commanding group of Decima, continued the fight for the fascist cause, under German auspices. Acting as ground troops, anti-partisan fighters, using draconian methods, atrocity, torture, etc., and doing so AGAINST THEIR OWN PEOPLE!!

Like I said, FANATICS!

This too, as to the fighting abilities of Decima combatants:

"The feats of the Italian frogmen brought much envy and respect from the British. When the British decided to create its own naval assault units, the trainees placed pictures of 10th Light Flotilla on their walls for inspiration."

Nuff' said!


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