Tuesday, October 12, 2021


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From Alex and the original [?] story by the Russian media outlet Sputnik yet one more elite Afghan ranger/commando unit worthy of combat duty and performing the task well.


"CIA Evacuated ‘Extremely Brutal’ Afghan Commandos for US Resettlement"

"Thousands of Afghan fighters suspected in execution-style killings of civilians being brought to US"

"Members of the so-called ‘Zero units’, a shadowy Afghan paramilitary force sponsored and controlled by the US Central Intelligence Agency, enjoyed priority status for evacuation to safety to the United States, former senior US and Afghani intelligence officials and a former Afghan commando with direct knowledge of the situation"

. . . . 

"Zero units were originally envisioned by the CIA partly as a means to fight Taliban fighters travelling back and forth between the porous Afghanistan-Pakistan border. The forces allowed the US to send units on cross-border raids"

Specialty of ZERO cross-border raids from Afghan into the Tribal Areas of Pakistan. Seek out and eliminate Pashtun Taliban in what would have been considered a sanctuary area.

See previous blog entry a listing of elite Afghan units that did perform well on the battlefield and are acknowledged as having done so.


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