Saturday, October 2, 2021


This is coolbert:

Was never aware of any of this! Amazing stuff. The You Tube video a must see for all devoted readers to the blog and those merely perusing in a more casual manner.

Please REMEMBER during the era of the Cold War in the Soviet Union cars did not collide, ships did not sink, trains did not derail and PLANES did not fall out of the sky.

"When the Soviet Navy Lost 16 Admirals in a Single Accident: The Tu-104 Crash at Pushkin"

"The plane crash at Pushkin airfield on February 7, 1981 became the very last accident in the Tupolev Tu-104 history, after which they were permanently retired from service. But the main reason the disaster at Pushkin airfield went down in history was because this single crash had almost entirely beheaded the Soviet Pacific Fleet"

Understand fully well this air crash causing consternation in Soviet military circles. The loss of so many senior officers at one time most significant. Persons their training and experience of great value. Personnel at that level of command hard to replace. Further without question the crash due to the plane: 1. Overloaded. 2. Baggage improperly stowed. There was no nefarious plot or enemy special operations involved.

That initial Soviet response that a hostile nation by their secret services must have caused the plane to crash very typical too of Soviet paranoia during the Cold War.


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