Monday, February 3, 2020


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"The Governor General [Canada] revoked Williams' commission and, later, medals, and he was expelled from the Canadian Forces for service misconduct, the most serious extant charge. After being returned to the Forces, his uniform was burned, his medals were cut into pieces, and his commission scroll (the instrument of his commission) was shredded; these actions being similar to a military degradation. His vehicle, a Pathfinder, was similarly crushed and scrapped."

The Canadian military man behaving badly. Very much so. Slightly was I aware of this troop. Canadian senior military man and a serial killer. 

Canadians are generally perceived [and rightly so] as being very nice people. With the exception in this particular instance of Russell Williams.

Russell Williams. Serial killer.

"Hours after the announcement of Williams' arrest, police services across the country reopened unsolved homicide cases involving young women in areas where Williams had previously been stationed. According to news reports, police began looking at other unsolved cases based on a full statement that Williams gave to police. David Russell Williams . . . an English-born Canadian convicted murderer and former Colonel in the Canadian Forces. From July 2009 until his arrest in February 2010, Williams commanded CFB Trenton, Canada's largest military airbase and a hub for the country's foreign and domestic air transport operations"

Senior officer Russell Williams and a man held in the highest possible repute by his superiors AND a man piloting senior VIP flights where the QUEEN OF ENGLAND and the PRIME MINISTER of Canada were passengers.


Williams his crimes and modus operandi to a degree similar to the actions of the American soldier Eddie Leonski from the era of the Second World War.

Eddie Leonski the "Brownout Strangler". An American stationed in Australia during WW2 guilty of murdering local women. A man with obvious mental issues as they are deemed. Also as mentioned in the You Tube video having assaulted a woman [did not kill her] while state-side. The man had terrible conflicts of a mental nature. But during war-time you have to go with what you got.

Military personnel who are criminals are sometimes hard to catch? Move around a lot and make serious investigations difficult?

Military personnel supposed to comport themselves in a better manner and exercise a greater degree of self-discipline. But this is not always the case.

As it was with Leonski and also with Williams.


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