Tuesday, February 11, 2020


This is coolbert:

Spiraling out of control it is fear. Cooler heads are NOT prevailing. Turk-Syrian confrontation with open warfare. And now further escalation. Syrian Mi-17 gone. Helicopter shot down by Turkish backed anti-Assad rebels.

Thanks to DEBKAfile here:

"Turkish-backed rebels down Syrian helicopter"

"Amid spiraling clashes in the Syrian northwestern province of Idlib, Turkish-backed rebels Tuesday shot down a Syrian Mi-17 helicopter near the town of Nerab, the day after 5 Turkish soldiers were killed by government forces"

NO mention as to which anti-Assad group shot down the Syrian Mi-17. Al-Nusra? Uighur proxies of the Turk? Etc.

Expect tit-for-tit retaliation to continue!


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