Thursday, November 2, 2017


This is coolbert:

"Activists beware: Today, you remove the statues others cherish, but tomorrow the statues you revere may go" - - Ralph Peters.

Thanks to the New York Post and the article we have the pronouncements of retired Lt. Colonel Ralph Peters on the subject of General Kelly and the Confederate statue purge.

You need to read it all!!

"Kelly is right about Robert E. Lee"

"In these willfully ignorant, fiercely partisan times, let’s recall that we fought our bloodiest war to end human bondage. Almost three-quarters of a million Americans died in a complex struggle that began to right an inexcusable injustice."

"Now we’re re-fighting our Civil War with neo-Stalinist, fact-purging propaganda that makes cartoon villains of the dead. We rush to tear down statues of men we refuse to understand. We rob one group of citizens of their heritage to please another"

Consider also that Great Compromise as agreed upon by the warring parties in the AFTERMATH of the American Civil War, North and South it being agreed that:

1. It was good that the Union was preserved. [and it was]
2. The Southerner fought bravely for their cause. [and they did]

A reasonable compromise to heal and establish long-lasting peace and a compromise I agree with 100 %.


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