Sunday, November 26, 2017


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"Russia’s Army Has Upgraded Its Giant 240-Millimeter Mortars"

Tulip! Read the entire article!

"The 2C4 Tulip once launched two-kiloton nuclear shells"

Thanks in this case to the outstanding Internet web site War is Boring.

 Soviet era 240mm mortar now refurbished/upgraded and brought back into service with the Russian army. Almost a weapon of mass destruction able to level a single city-block with one round fired. Even a weapon of mass destruction when firing a nuclear weapon.

Those comments of the Soviet era defector Suvorov concerning the 240mm mortar most pronounced:

"The outstanding simplicity, reliability and ease of maintenance of the 240mm mortar are vital qualities, and they played a decisive role when the moment came to decide which should be the first artillery weapon to fire nuclear projectiles. it was the obvious choice and it is now many years since it was selected for this role. It was a good choice, being comparatively small, maneuverable and easier to conceal than a gun. At the same time, it has a huge caliber, which solves several technical problems than that of a gun or a howitzer. There is therefor no danger that the bomb will explode as it is fired or that it will detonate accidentally"

"In 1970, a self-propelled version of the 240mm mortar was introduced. it was installed on a tracked GMZ chassis. This greatly increased its mobility, its ability to move across rough country and the protection provided for the crew"

"I have actually seen 12 240mm mortars in action together. These fire not 16 kilo-gramme [Soviet 120mm mortar round] but 100 kilo-gramme [220 pound] bombs. Within twenty minutes, each mortar fired 15 bombs. This represented, as I later calculated, a total of 18 tons of explosives and cast-iron splinters. I found the noise absolutely staggering. It was amazing that men could retain their sanity in the midst of it. While the firing was in progress, one had the impressing that thousand s of tons of explosive were going off each second and the whole process seemed to last an age. The astonishing destructive power of these mortars make sup for inaccuracy in aiming or in dispersion. I believe that this is the correct approach."

Go and see this outstanding video of the Soviet/Russian 240mm mortar in action.  LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THAT MORTAR ROUND!! [Americans call that projectile as fired from a mortar a round. Everyone else call it a bomb]


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